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canchas. spontaneous soccer fields.

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Canchas of this city:
1. Arzl Schießstand
2. Mühlau
3. in my garden
4. kitchen cancha
5. snow cancha
6. pájaros.
7. Cancha at the Ca...
8. Krammatboden
9. Buhne
10. Wee-cancha

Arzl Schießstand

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Scout hans
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Mister, mister

I knew this Cancha already for quite a while, but never took any photos before. Today on my way to Arzler Alm (a mountain hut at about 1000m) I passed by and took some photos. Normaly it is quite busy on this place, but today nobody was there except three people on the far left corner. After a while they called me with 'Mister, Mister' and I smiled and walked over. I was quite surprised to see they brought a big wooden board and prepared flower balls to bake bread on a small fire.

They explained it is the traditional Turkish bread they bake just for fun here having a nic day in the nature. They offered me one bread role filled with goat cheese. It was quite jummy and I also got some black tea to drink. :-)

After half an hour I had to leave otherwise it got to late to do my walk up the mountain hut, but what a nice surprise to find this hospitality just around my house.

© Hans Woppmann

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