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canchas. spontaneous soccer fields.

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Cancha at Tahai

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Scout jasinho
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Offside on Easter Island

On Easter Island, unsurprisingly the Moais are the biggest attraction. Right in front of the entrance of Tahai, one of the best known archeological sites with these stone giants, I found this wonderful cancha. It appears a bit forgotten, almost ancient, as if the Moai themselves played here ages ago.
After taking some pictures, my girlfriend and me entered the site, walking idly around, enjoying the scenery and the early morning silence. Suddenly we were struck by the sharp blow of a whistle. „A referee, out here?“, I thought. „What for?“
Apparently some other tourists ahead of us had been stepping on an Ahu (the platform in front of the Moais), ignoring the signs telling them not to, and a ranger overlooking the site had caught them in the act. A clear touristic offside.

© Mario Waters

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