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1. Hernalser Käfige
2. Clemens Hofbauer...

Clemens Hofbauer-Pla...

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25.02.2018 user, Virgin Islands (USA) amorepeexy
25.02.2018 user, Turkmenistan mamamLew
25.02.2018 user, Finland Jerrygreem
25.02.2018 user, Canada fmyykjw
25.02.2018 user, Antigua and Barbuda Robertmor
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La casa
Sternberk, Czech Republic santiago20
Narsasuaq, Greenland santiago50
Rifugio Juac
, Italy kuthan60
Selva / Wolkenstein, Italy kuthan40
Caprivi Strip, Namibia stebobi7810
Luangwa Bridge, Zambia stebobi7850
Puerto Pizarro, Ecuador santiago20
El mar
Zorritos, Peru santiago20
Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon, Peru pfeffa10
Under the influence
Pampa Linda, Argentina santiago20

Best rated stories

Im Waldstadion
Kratzer, Austria
by Krotzaweba
An drei Seiten von alten Buchen begrenzt und im Deutsch Haseldorfer Ortsteil Kratzer in der Südoststeiermark gelegen, wird der Platz von Einheimischen...
Offside on Easter Island
Hanga Roa, Chile
by jasinho
On Easter Island, unsurprisingly the Moais are the biggest attraction. Right in front of the entrance of Tahai, one of the best known archeological si...
Incredible Scenerie at lake Skadar
Virpazar, Montenegro
by johannes
Maria (my wife) and me drove to Lake Sdadar that day. We own a Peugeot Boxer and were on our way from Austria down to Greece. We heard a lot about Mon...
Mister, mister
Innsbruck, Austria
by hans
I knew this Cancha already for quite a while, but never took any photos before. Today on my way to Arzler Alm (a mountain hut at about 1000m) I passe...
Cancha Mapuche
San Martin de los Andes, Argentina
by andreas
Cancha es una palabra mapuche, los habitantes del sur de Chile a la llegada de los españ'oles que pasaron luego también a la Argentina llegando a ...
Brains and Balls
Kabul, Afghanistan
by andreas
The recent wars left Kabul University quite run down. A friend of mine had visited the University during Taliban times and met the young Taliban chan...
Caleta Tortel
Caleta Tortel, Chile
by andreas
In Caleta Tortel gibt es vier Teams: Estrella del Sur, Caleta Tortel, El barrio und 21 de mayo. Miguel, ein qualifizierter Mittelstuermer,, spielt im ...
SOS Ground Lahore
Lahore, Pakistan
by andreas
Here, on the playground of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Lahore the boys play Cricket most of the time. They like other sports but no one would admit...
Don't you know?
Kabul, Afghanistan
by andreas
Driving outside Kabul is amazing - beautiful landscapes, small villages, fruits and mountains. A few kilomters North of Kabul on the way to the famou...
fast all day and play soccer at 4pm
Cairo, Egypt
by hans
During my for days in Cairo I stayed at a member from hospitalityclub (Katrin) in the suburb Agouza. On the second day I noticed a cheering and clappi...
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Andreas Matt,
Magazin Ballesterer,
October 2009
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